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Inoteska Company Profile

About Inoteska

For nearly 30 years, Inoteska has been providing voice&data communication solutions for private networks (railways, army, police, power engineering, ...), mobile and fixed line carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises.

Company's human resources and powerful technologies enable to offer specific solutions according to the requirements of customers. The company owns powerful CAD systems for a PCB design and FPGA circuits design, special telecommunication measuring equipment as well as SMD technology for equipment innovation and small volume production. Company uses a progressive method for mounting and soldering of integrated circuits in the BGA cases, which was purchased with the financial support of EU.

All development and production processes are certified ISO 9001:2008.
ISO certificate

Market & Customers

Inoteska is a provider of voice&data communication solutions to many customers in Europe, Asia and Latin & South America.
Inoteska solutions are used by mobile carriers: T-Mobile, Orange, ...; fixed line carriers and ISPs: Amtel, Case communications, Energotel, eTel, GTS, Hyette Intercontinental Telecom, Nextra, Nexcom, NextiraOne, Optima, Siemens, Slovanet, SWAN, Telenor Networks, ... ; private networks and government: Slovak and Czech Railways, power plants, police and military in Slovakia and Czech Republic, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak and Czech Republic and others.

Voice&Data Solutions

Designed for voice and data transmission, multiplexing, merging and converting.

Product range:

  • VoIP products
  • PC cards
  • multiplexers: analog, inverse, multifunctional, PRI, BRI, E3, optical,...
  • data routers
  • voice routers
  • GSM products
  • communication systems
  • analog devices and others
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