systems for voice data communication
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Multiplexers, interface media converters

Fibre optic multiplexers

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  • different multiplexers for fibre backhaul - with optical SM/MM interfaces 155 Mb (STM1 frame) and E1, E3, 100BT Ethernet

Multiplexers PRI

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  • multiplexers with PRI E1 interface
  • ISDN DSS1 signalling
  • several types of application

Multiplexers BRI

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  • multiplexers with BRI S0,Uk0 interfaces
  • ISDN DSS1 signalling
  • several types of application

Inverse multiplexers Ethernet over E1

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  • connection of 2x 100BT Ethernet interfaces (LAN networks) over several E1 interfaces

Multiplexers E3

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  • multiplexers with E3 electric interface, 100BT Ethernet, E1 or optical interface

Analog multiplexers

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  • multiplexer of analog interfaces (different signalling types), PRI E1, 100BT Ethernet
  • ISDN DSS1 signalling

Multifunctional multiplexers

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  • several function types in one device
  • functions enabled by licence
  • PRI E1, 100BT Ethernet, universal data interface (X.21,V.35,...)
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