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Least cost router - PRI interface

  • reliable multiple protocol ISDN PRI (30 Channels) Router
  • features: advanced Routing, Advice of Charge, Call Statistics, Call Detail Records
  • enables to route large quantities of out-bound calls through their network and provide their customers with sophisticated value added features
  • it is inserted  between the PBX and the Public Exchange
  • 3 E1 interface (120 / 75 Ohm, RJ 45 / BNC)
  • signalling E1: ISDN DSS1 / R2 MFC (CAS)
  • possibility to change signalling from R2 MFC to DSS1 and vice versa
  • interface diagnostic: E1-A/B/C
  • data interface (2x): X.21/ V35/ V.36/ RS530/ RS232
  • 1x RS232 (V24)
  • interface 1x Ethernet 10/100 BT for device configuration
  • calls re-routing from E1A to E1B resp. E1C, based on dial analysis
  • one-step dial - carrier prefix+called party number
  • two-step dial - call to carrier, after connect - identification number+called party number(DTMF)
  • up to 19 spaces for carrier number and 19 spaces for user ID number
  • calls routing to max.8 carriers resp. no routing
  • routing exceptions
  • real or pseudo charging, real time clock
  • dialling tone 425 Hz detection and 1100/1633 Hz tone detection for real charging
  • possibility to reserve the specified E1 timeslots for external data transmission- crossconnect (DACCS)
  • bypass connection E1A-E1B, if the device is off or out of order
  • calls statistics
  • local configuration from connected PC via V.24(RS232) interface
  • possibility to save the settings (configuration) to PC
  • remote configuration using internal ISDN modem, external analog modem or via TCP/IP
  • possibility to change firmware - upgrade (also remotely)

product code:

ITX 482 03.2 Autodialer 3xE1
ITX 482 03.3 Autodialer 3xE1, 2xX.21
ITX 482 03.4 Autodialer 3xE1, 2xUDI
ITX 482 03.6 Network Router 2xE1 BNC
ITX 482 03.7 Autodialer 3xE1 BNC, 2xX.21
ITX 482 03.8 Autodialer 3xE1 BNC, 2xUDI
ITX 482 03.10 Autodialer 2xE1 BNC

(UDI-universal data interface)

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