systems for voice data communication
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conversion DC loop U signalling to AC - IDTMF signalling

  • IDTMF signalling  - company signalling used in Inoteska products (extended DTMF dial)
  • used to connect up to 4 OPX Stations ITZ 91021
  • connected  to subscriber positions in PbX
  • possibility to use line amplifiers , that means to connect on longer distances
  • line to OPX Station 2-wire / 4-wire
  • possiblity to  to use galvanic separation
  • possiblity to connect standard analog telephone equipment
  • automatic line (OPX Station) status diagnostic - optical signalling
  • possibility to block PbX side if line or OPX Station is out of order
  • possibility to set the level of speech and transmitted marks
  • possibility to set dial type: pulse / DTMF
  • desktop or rack version
  • power supply - 42 to -65 V DC

product code:

ITX 422 29 OPX Trunk

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