systems for voice data communication
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Multiplexer BRIMUX 4/8/16BRI S0 / 1PRI

Multiplexer 1E1 and 4/8/16BRI S0

  • dynamic (statistic) concentration of voice calls on BRI
  • calls routing BRI-BRI or BRI-PRI and vice versa
  • dynamic configuration
  • PRI E1 G704 (120 Ohm, RJ 45) ISDN DSS1signalling
  • BRI S/T-2B1Q (100Ohm, RJ 45) point to point, ISDN DSS1 signalling
  • optional data interface (2x): X21/ V35/ V36/ RS530/ RS232
  • static crossconnect of any E1 timeslots or data interfaces (DACCS)
  • calls routing based on specified criteria
  • analysis and adjustment of called and calling party number
  • parameters change of called and calling party number
  • desktop or rack (max. 8 cards) version
  • local configuration from PC via V.24(RS232) interface
  • remote configuration using internal ISDN modem
  • possibility to save the set parameters (configuration) to PC
  • possibility to change firmware - upgrade
  • cooperation with supervision centre

product code:

ITX 482 14 BRIMUX 4xS0

ITX 482 15 BRIMUX 8xS0

ITX 482 16 BRIMUX 16xS0


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